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Difficult to Fill Vacancy Survey

The Difficult to Fill Vacancy Survey (DTFVS) is requested of all health employers in British Columbia who are HEABC members. The purpose of the system is to gather data on all difficult to fill vacancies in the health system. A difficult to fill vacancy is a job that remains unfilled after three months of active recruitment.  

As an employer in the health sector and a member of HEABC, your information is important to all of us and it is critical that you report regularly and accurately. The Ministry of Health Planning has identified the information which will be gathered as a high priority. The information contained in DTFVS is essential to developing a co-ordinated approach among educators, health care administrators, provincial government representatives, and employer associations to health human resource (HHR) planning, for identifying emerging HHR planning issues, and providing advice to government and others.

Individual employer and site information will be kept confidential but data will be combined at provincial and geographic levels for needs analysis purposes.

If your questions aren't answered by browsing through this website, please feel free to contact DTFVS Support at HEABC (604) 736-5909 or direct via e-mail to DTFVS@heabc.bc.ca.  We will do our best to answer your questions and help you solve any problems you may encounter when you are completing your DTFVS submission.

Access to the Difficult to Fill Vacancy Survey (DTFVS) reporting system requires a password. To apply for access, click here.